Cosmetic Treatments

Treatment Description Price
Inlays May be made of porcelain or gold and are made in a laboratory from an impression taken by your dentist, usually for larger cavities. They are made to fit the cavity precisely and are bonded to the tooth using advanced dental glues. A porcelain inlay is tooth coloured and provides excellent aesthetics.  
Crowns Usually needed when a tooth is very broken down, badly discoloured or heavily filled. The tooth must first be trimmed down and an impression taken. The crown is manufactured in a laboratory and fits like a thimble over the tooth restoring function and aesthetics.  
Metal Core Crowns These have tooth coloured porcelain bonded onto a metal core. This economically priced crown provides strength with good aesthetics but the underlying metal can sometimes show a 'greyish' colour at the gum margin.  
Gold Crowns Gold Crowns - on some occasions where space is limited at the back of the mouth a porcelain crown is not suitable. Here, a crown made of yellow gold will provide a good result.  
Metal Free Crowns These are made of porcelain also, with no metal. They are bonded to the tooth with special adhesives and provide excellent aesthetics and strength. They are often more bio-compatible than crowns with metal cores.  
Sometimes a front tooth may be badly discoloured, misaligned, or mishaped, or, there may be small gaps between your teeth. Here a porcelain veneer can provide a good aesthetic result. A veneer is a thin tooth-shaped 'fingernail' piece of porcelain which is glued permanently to the front of the tooth to cover any imperfections. It is much less destructive to the natural tooth than a crown.  
Bridges A Bridge is an excellent means of replacing a missing tooth. They are permanently fixed in the mouth and offer superb aesthetics since the missing tooth is made of porcelain. There are two types,the Conventional Design where a tooth or teeth adjacent to the gap is prepared as for a crown and the bridge is cemented over the prepared teeth. The second type is called a Resin Retained or Maryland Bridge, in this type little preparation of the natural teeth is required. The porcelain tooth has a metal wing or wings which are chemically bonded to the inside surface of the teeth.There are advantages and disadvantages to each type and the dentist can advise as to suitability.  
Amalgam Fillings (silver colour) - these are still the filling of choice for back teeth because of their strength and long life. However, their appearance is silvery grey and darkens with age.  
Composite Fillings (Tooth coloured) - these can be matched to the colour of your tooth and so are used most commonly in front teeth. They can also be used on back teeth in certain situations where a more aesthetic result is needed, but are often not strong enough to handle the large forces put on them if the filling is large.  


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