Dental Hygenist

Healthy gums help to make a strong foundation for your teeth. Over 80% of adults suffer from some sort of gum disease. Any plaque left behind after tooth-brushing sticks to your teeth and hardens to form tartar. This tartar contains millions of bacteria which produce chemicals which slowly destroy the gums and bone which support your teeth, leading to bleeding gums, wobbly teeth and bad breath. This tartar cannot be removed by tooth brushing because it sticks firmly
to the tooth.
In our practice we believe that prevention is the best form of cure.
We have a fully qualified dental hygienist who can devote the time necessary to keeping your teeth clean, gums healthy, and giving you a fresher breath. Cleaner teeth can also mean fewer fillings which has to be good! Our hygienist can also help to show you how to brush and floss more effectively at home.

Your dentist may suggest referral to the Hygienist where more thorough gum treatment is required.

Many patients feel free to call and make an appointment with our Hygienist when they feel their teeth need a professional clean, or perhaps just before a special occasion.

We are now accepting NHS patients.

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