Your First Visit - A thorough examination will be made of the teeth checking for decay and defective fillings. Early spots of demineralization will be pointed out so that the damage may be reversed by more thorough brushing or application of fluoride solutions. The gums will be checked for signs of inflammation, bleeding and pockets. Our philosophy regarding periodoutal (gum) treatment is that prevention, as always, is better than cure - but even moderate to advanced disease can often be successfully treated. Our aim will be to show you the areas that require more care and to be able to spot the signs of gum disease. Radiographs will normally be taken at the initial visit and repeated at the appropriate interval (2-3 years). The purpose of radiographs is to check the parts of the tooth that can't be seen with the naked eye, ie underneath old fillings etc. Finally all the soft tissue, ie tongue checks, palate, etc, will be thoroughly screened to rule out any abnormalities.

Your first visit will last around 10-20 minutes. We will carry out a simple relaxed examination of your teeth and maybe take a few x-rays... no drilling, and no pain. We are here to listen to your concerns and produce a treatment plan tailored to your individual needs. We will give you a full written quote of the cost, although this will change if your treatment changes in any way. Your first visit will also giveyou the oppertunity to see our practice, meet your dentist, and hopefully put you at ease.

We are now accepting NHS patients.

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